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  • K 2p photoemission spectrum obtained from a KBr surface cleaved in air. The branching ratio of the two doublets were forced to be equal to the theoretically expected values, which were taken from the Scofield tables. The data were published by Vincent Crist. B. Vincent Crist, "KBr Crystal: Cleaved in Air", Surface Science Spectra 1, 292-296 (1992) https://doi.org/10.1116/1.1247654Read more
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    Information about the sample:

    • Shape: Flat Surface

    • Sample material: Potassium bromide

    • Elements: K, Br

    • Sample composition: KBr

    Data acquisition parameters:

    • Photon source: Al Ka (monochromatic)

    • Pass energy: 25

    • Take-off angle: 0

    Equipment and analysis software:

    • Brand: Surface Science Instruments

    • Model: X-Probe 206

    • Spectrometer mode: constant pass energy


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